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Trading Guns for Cleats – the Power of Sport in Columbia

When I attended the first conference in the Vatican in 2016, I was convicted more deeply that sport has a power to do amazing things. In this article on ESPN, it shows one way sport is helping a war-torn culture […]

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All-Time Best Christian Sports Movies

With so many sports movies being produced in Hollywood every year, it’s hard to keep track of which ones are family friendly and devoted to promoting Christian teachings and values, and which ones are offering nothing more than vulgarity and […]

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What Helped Make Me a Better Coach

I have had many amazing opportunities as both a high school and college coach. Having the chance to now lead the Men’s Lacrosse team at Benedictine College has pushed me to deepen my understanding of coaching as a Christian man. […]

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One Key to Succeed as a Coach – Finding Your Why

The high school soccer season for Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School began in mid-February 2017. 11 losses and six torn ACLs later, it was a Friday in late April and the week of our first round playoff game against Carroll High […]

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How You Can Be Changed, and Change Others Through Sports

We, in Varsity Catholic, had about 1000 wristbands made with the phrase “He is my reason” plastered on the side. There is a purpose behind our desire to make that phrase the line used by every Christian athlete around the […]

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Posted with permission from Ave Maria University Athletics at where this post can be found. Thanks to Coach Rosser.   When you have a life changing experience I wish there was a way that you could replicate that same feeling […]

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The Best Motivation to Succeed


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Sports and the Masks of Men

My life through college revolved around sports: basketball and football as a young lad, football through high school into college, then ending with rugby. As a male, sports can have an unusual allurement and effect on the way we see […]

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Parents of Athletes – Stop Praising Results…

Dear Parents, Our words matter immensely with our children, you all know this…they are our little echoes. I think we take this for granted at times, especially in how we express what matters to us about them. For example, what […]

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What Philip Rivers’ $200K SUV Can Teach Us About Fatherhood

He is a multimillionaire. He is a public figure. He is living a life most men only dream of. His name is Philip Rivers – quarterback in the NFL. His team for years has been the San Diego Chargers. This […]

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