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At, our hope is to serve athletes, coaches, administrators, chaplains and parents by helping bridge the gap between faith and athletics. How these two things blend together is often confusing and contradicted by main stream society. It should not be that way.

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Sport Can Help Change the World – Vatican Conference Thoughts

I was blessed to be invited to participate in the Vatican’s first Global Conference on Sport at the Service of Humanity. I share a few thoughts in the short video below. by

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The UN, Olympics and the Vatican…Sport at the Service of Humanity

Those three organizations, which have tremendous influence in the world, gathered together with delegates of other organizations from across the globe. I was blessed to be one of them. Our purpose: to discuss how sport (and to some degree faith) can […]

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How One Simple Word Changed My Life, and How It Can Change Yours

“My soul magnifies the Lord”. These words begin Mary’s great canticle of praise (often called the magnificat, the Latin translation of magnify) after her cousin Elizabeth feels her infant John (the Baptist) leap in her womb at the sound of […]

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Two Things Athletes Can Learn from Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa was small. I do not know if she had any athletic ability in her body, but I do know (making an assumption) that she was tough as nails. In honor of her canonization yesterday, I thought it fitting […]

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3 Ways the NFL Taught Me To Deepen My Faith

Training camps are winding down, the baseball highlights on ESPN are dwindling, and fantasy drafts are taking place. Football season is finally back! I’m a rookie this year so I’m learning everyday on the football field and in my faith […]

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One Reason Pope Francis Might Be Watching the Olympics

The Rio Summer Olympics are here. The hype, the excitement, the intensity of having some of the best athletes in the world gathered to compete for the coveted gold has arrived. No doubt many of us will tune in at […]

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Transform Your Team: Spiritual Plan, Part 3

Half a year ago (my apologies) I started a series of posts describing our team’s spiritual development plan, and I’d like to pick up where I left off!  Initially I tried to convey what a spiritual plan was designed for […]

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How the Transgender Movement Can Ruin Sports as We Know Them

It was simple. Boys competed against the boys. Girls competed against the girls. The lines were drawn, and they were very clear. Biology settled it all. Those days are disappearing. If I may, I want to draw our attention to […]

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How You CAN Become The Greatest – Guest Post

After the recent passing of Muhammad Ali, many notable figures around the world expressed their respect for Ali’s legend as a champion boxer. From the President of the United States to local newspapers, everyone had something to say in tribute […]

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Enough is Enough Rape by College Athletes

Rape ticks me off like few things. I know I am not alone. I am sick and tired of hearing all the rape stories, charges, accusations of athletes, especially college athletes. I understand their platform means we are more likely […]

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