In term of camps, you have a few options to choose from. Please visit their websites to find out more specifics.


Baseball – Mike Sweeney’s Catholic Baseball Camps: Sweeney Camp

I have put together “Christian” Baseball Camps for years. While playing for the Kansas City Royals, I’d host a camp where we would play baseball all day and conclude with me sharing with the kids my real love in life. Baseball?? No… JESUS! Yes! These camps were very popular and were attended by as many as 350 kids annually. When I came to San Diego to retire, God brought the idea of doing something similar under the California sun. I came to realize that there are many Christian Baseball Camps but to my knowledge, nothing like this has been done! I wanted to create an authentically Catholic three day Baseball Camp/Retreat where kids will see their baseball skills improve and their faith come alive. We will start each day with Mass, memorize scripture, pray a “Baseball Field Live Rosary” as a group. Confession will be offered daily by the group of Miles Christ Religious Order Priests and we will conclude each day with Worship and Praise music.


Football – Our Lady of Victory Football Camp: www.olovfootball.comOLOV football

Our Lady of Victory Football Camp is a premiere high school football camp built on Catholic community, virtue, and servant leadership.  Our camp will meet young athletes where they’re at, and lead them to become who they were born to be.

Focused on football and centered on Catholic Sacraments, the OLOV football camp will prepare high school athletes to be a better players, teammates, and young men during this three and a half day, overnight fundamentals camp.


Various Sports – Quest Sports Camps: Quest

Quest Sports Camps emphasize the link between fundamental sport-specific practices and the foundations for a Christian faith life. The skills that help children improve in sports can be used to help them grow in their faith. Because most children are enthusiastic about sports, using the virtues of sport is a natural way to help children develop their Christian faith.




In addition to these, a number of Catholic universities and high schools host camps. Please check into local schools to find out what might be available in your area.