How You Can Be Changed, and Change Others Through Sports

We, in Varsity Catholic, had about 1000 wristbands made with the phrase “He is my reason” plastered on the side. There is a purpose behind our desire to make that phrase the line used by every Christian athlete around the world. Let me lay it out in two quick parts.

First – making Jesus Christ the reason for our efforts in sports can change us. When we come to understand that God has allowed us to compete in athletics, in fact He has willed it, we start to look for ways He is communicating to us in athletics. When God wills something, every thing – large or small – has a purpose in our life. Each detail from the sweat in our eye to the championship is meant to make us more of who we were meant to be. God has desired to use athletics to make us into a saint. The experience should, by God’s grace, allow us to boldly proclaim, “Imitate me as I imitate Christ.”

When our motivation is Jesus Christ, it will hopefully compel us to give 100% at every moment. This complete effort is our pursuit of excellence on (and off) the field. It is a desire at every moment to be a better athlete, because the Lord is willing our participation in it. At the end of the day, He changes us through it – making us great.

Second – when Jesus is our reason, we allow Him to not only change us, but to use every opportunity athletics provides to impact others. Any bit of platform or opportunity to influence, we use for the gospel. Our world worships more in stadiums than churches, and its needs folks in those stadiums to point them back to God.

I invite you to make Him your reason: to allow Him to change you through your participation in sports and to change others through you. Let the adventure begin.

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