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Sports and the Masks of Men

My life through college revolved around sports: basketball and football as a young lad, football through high school into college, then ending with rugby. As a male, sports can have an unusual allurement and effect on the way we see […]

Why Your Kids SHOULD Play Youth Sports

I have seen a lot of folks trying to determine if they should let their children play sports. Money, time, failures and injuries are some of the issues that make parents ask the question – is it worth it. Here […]

A Key Lesson for All Athletes

There is nothing like a wife and kids to help you see how selfish you can be. I am not sure what your reactions are when you realize you are thinking about yourself a little too much, but it gets […]

Transform Your Team: Spiritual Plan, Part 3

Half a year ago (my apologies) I started a series of posts describing our team’s spiritual development plan, and I’d like to pick up where I left off!  Initially I tried to convey what a spiritual plan was designed for […]

5 Easy Steps to Becoming a Better Disciple

Athletes are busy, tired, stressed but amazingly talented and driven. Athletes can make some of the best disciples – not that it is a competition on faithfulness (not my point here). In the mix of life as an athlete, the […]

Why Athletes Are Poised for Epic Failure

The schedule. The clock. The scoreboard. The rules. The routines. The statistics. Every effort and aspect directed to the competition, directed to the win. The purpose of an athlete is fairly clear, in general. We know why we are training; […]