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What Helped Make Me a Better Coach

I have had many amazing opportunities as both a high school and college coach. Having the chance to now lead the Men’s Lacrosse team at Benedictine College has pushed me to deepen my understanding of coaching as a Christian man. […]

Why 400 College Athletes Brought Me Hope

I was a bit nervous and excited before I gave a quick 10 minutes of comments to around 400 college athletes. We were together at SEEK2017, FOCUS’ huge national conference that saw around 13,000 folks attend this year in San […]

3 Ways the NFL Taught Me To Deepen My Faith

Training camps are winding down, the baseball highlights on ESPN are dwindling, and fantasy drafts are taking place. Football season is finally back! I’m a rookie this year so I’m learning everyday on the football field and in my faith […]

I Thought I Had the Perfect Life

College athletics is a crazy world. Diving into it as a freshman isn’t easy; at least for me it wasn’t. I came from a small high school (about 25 kids in my graduating class) located in a northern Maine town […]