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How You CAN Become The Greatest – Guest Post

After the recent passing of Muhammad Ali, many notable figures around the world expressed their respect for Ali’s legend as a champion boxer. From the President of the United States to local newspapers, everyone had something to say in tribute […]

Epic Spiritual Plan: Part 2

In my last post, I introduced the spiritual plan as a context for framing how we might, through a team, form an athlete’s intellect and will.  For our Cross Country, Track & Field Team at the Mount, the goals of […]

Sport Can Transform Your Life – Here is Why

Vocation is an incredibly rich concept; at its foundation it’s a “call” but we live it out in a variety of ways.  While we share a common vocation to holiness, our calling to particular states of life (that fall within […]

Death and Losing: Guest Post by Coach Haen

Our plane ride the entire way from Ohio State to Champaign was bumpy to say the least. But true anxiousness and fear hit during our descent into Champaign. With wind bursts coming from every direction and major storms circling around, […]

How Not to Determine Your Self-Worth

There is a problem in contemporary athletics that is played out in our homes, highs schools, colleges, with our idols of the game, and in plenty of movies.  Many young men and women derive their self-worth from their success or […]