Meet the Man Texas Football Honors as They Take the Field

Many teams have a tradition as they walk out of the locker room. Nebraska football players hit a horseshoe as they leave. Notre Dame hits the “Play Like a Champion Today” sign. I just discovered what Texas does – and I like it. As the team leaves the locker room, they touch a picture of Freddie Steinmark. I had never heard of Freddie until this year. His story is inspiring.

Freddie entered into eternal life on June 6th, 1971 at the age of 22. He was a man who loved the Lord, being known to attend Catholic Mass on a daily basis. He defined the phrase hard work and defied the odds as a kid everyone thought was too small to play D1 football. Getting a scholarship to the University of Texas, Freddie took his attitude of never quit from Wheat Ridge, Colorado straight to Austin, Texas. He won the starting safety spot as a sophomore and helped lead the Texas defense during their 1969 National Championship run. 

Freddie’s story is one of inspiration not simply due to the fact that he succeeded in football but more so because he succeeded in life (even though his was short). I am excited to learn more about Freddie and to share some of the profound lessons he teaches us on hard work, suffering and faith. 

In the meantime, enjoy the major motion picture that hit the theaters in November of 2015 – My All American. For all the athletes out there, Freddie not only gives you a great example of how to compete – he also gives you a great example of how to do it as a man of God. 

Steinmark pic

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