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How Faith and Division I Football Shaped Me

My name is Brandon Colpitts, I am a redshirt junior on the football team at the University of South Dakota, and this is my short story of faith and DI football. Coming into college, I was like most high schoolers […]

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Georgia Tech Football to Catholic Seminary

My name is Grant Aasen. I am about to graduate from Georgia Tech. Football is a part of my story. When I was a sophomore in high school, on October 14, 2010, I sustained a head injury during a football […]

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Why Your Kids SHOULD Play Youth Sports

I have seen a lot of folks trying to determine if they should let their children play sports. Money, time, failures and injuries are some of the issues that make parents ask the question – is it worth it. Here […]

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Meet the Man Texas Football Honors as They Take the Field

Many teams have a tradition as they walk out of the locker room. Nebraska football players hit a horseshoe as they leave. Notre Dame hits the “Play Like a Champion Today” sign. I just discovered what Texas does – and […]

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Why 400 College Athletes Brought Me Hope

I was a bit nervous and excited before I gave a quick 10 minutes of comments to around 400 college athletes. We were together at SEEK2017, FOCUS’ huge national conference that saw around 13,000 folks attend this year in San […]

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A Key Lesson for All Athletes

There is nothing like a wife and kids to help you see how selfish you can be. I am not sure what your reactions are when you realize you are thinking about yourself a little too much, but it gets […]

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Sport Can Help Change the World – Vatican Conference Thoughts

I was blessed to be invited to participate in the Vatican’s first Global Conference on Sport at the Service of Humanity. I share a few thoughts in the short video below. by

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The UN, Olympics and the Vatican…Sport at the Service of Humanity

Those three organizations, which have tremendous influence in the world, gathered together with delegates of other organizations from across the globe. I was blessed to be one of them. Our purpose: to discuss how sport (and to some degree faith) can […]

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How One Simple Word Changed My Life, and How It Can Change Yours

“My soul magnifies the Lord”. These words begin Mary’s great canticle of praise (often called the magnificat, the Latin translation of magnify) after her cousin Elizabeth feels her infant John (the Baptist) leap in her womb at the sound of […]

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Two Things Athletes Can Learn from Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa was small. I do not know if she had any athletic ability in her body, but I do know (making an assumption) that she was tough as nails. In honor of her canonization yesterday, I thought it fitting […]

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