What Philip Rivers’ $200K SUV Can Teach Us About Fatherhood

He is a multimillionaire. He is a public figure. He is living a life most men only dream of. His name is Philip Rivers – quarterback in the NFL. His team for years has been the San Diego Chargers. This season they are in a new location – Los Angeles. Most people would figure, “well, let’s sell our house and move.” But life isn’t always black and white. You see, Philip and his wife have 8 children: the youngest is about 2 and the oldest just started high school.

Philip and his wife knew that moving to a new city would mean starting over – dentists, schools, sports teams, friends, almost 13 years of connections. They paused and evaluated: the practice facility is only an hour and 18 minutes from home. He could make that drive each day, especially if he carpooled with a teammate and fellow QB Kellen Clemens. They could take turns driving and studying film. Wait, a better idea surfaced – a mobile QB room: a modified SUV with two captains chairs, a fridge, a huge TV for studying film – the perfect solution.

Rivers ride

“My two biggest things were my family time and my preparation and what I owe this football team,” Rivers said. “I was not going to sacrifice either of them in any big proportion. I can look at all the pluses and minuses and say, ‘OK. This does it.’ This allows me to get home in the 6 to 7 hour, which is when I got home the last 11 years, and it allows me to watch all or more of the film I watched before.”

For a mere $200K (plus any driver salary), Philip can be the father he always has been. For this, I am grateful. He gives us a lesson as men (and women) about how to prioritize. He looked over every option to give his family the best chance to thrive – just as they have for almost 13 years in San Diego. While most men can’t afford a $200K solution, we can be creative in looking for options. We can put our family first and consider what would be the best situation for them.

So Philip, thanks for staying grounded and for being a family man. We appreciate your example and need it more and more.

For the story from the San Diego Union-Tribune, click here.

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