Why 400 College Athletes Brought Me Hope

I was a bit nervous and excited before I gave a quick 10 minutes of comments to around 400 college athletes. We were together at SEEK2017, FOCUS’ huge national conference that saw around 13,000 folks attend this year in San Antonio. Varsity Catholic was hosting two gatherings for all the athletes that were there. This was the first of the two. They were both awesome.

Whenever you have a room full of college athletes, there is energy. They are impressive people with ridiculous potential. They can be huge change-agents in our world. They can impact countless lives, because they are the expert users of the profound tool known as sport.

The reason my hope increased was simple – they were there.

All across the world there is division. There are broken homes, fatherless children, misunderstandings, and isolated individuals (often because of disability) to name a few. Sport can help all of these situations. The term “phenomenon” really is appropriate for sport. It can serve humanity in so many ways. To see 400 plus college athletes gathered to grow in their relationship with Christ and desire to use sport for the good of the world was a powerful witness.

Just imagine what these 400 folks will do now and in the near future. Think of the dozens, if not hundreds, of coaches that will come from this group…and the thousands of young people they will impact. Think of the hope they will give to those same young people. 

If you are a parent, grandparent, current coach, administrator or just someone that wants our culture to be in a better place – this is a reason to hope.




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